Mission and Vision

About Us​

Global Sickle Cell Alliance’s focus is to improve the quality of life for all affected by sickle cell disease, and related disordersGlobal Sickle Cell Alliance (GLoSCA) is a global non-profit organization providing a forum for all persons, agencies, organizations, health groups, and businesses to unite with the common cause to stop the Sickle Cell injustice and join the efforts to find a cure.

Membership is open to individuals, private NPO/NGO, health departments, corporations and others who are interested in working towards the eradication of sickle cell. 

Visit our website, glosca.org, to learn more about our organization and the services we provide to the Sickle Cell Community. We appreciate your generous tax-deductible donation

Our Vision

Our vision is greater access to quality medical care and human services for the global sickle cell community through an international network (pending an acceptable cure).

Our goals are to:
  • Provide better access to current and accurate information;
  • Empower individuals and advocacy organizations;
  • Facilitate and support the establishment of SCD newborn screening and comprehensive health care management programs
  • Promote best clinical practices and translational research;
  • Reduce SCD related morbidity and mortality rates
  • Foster collaborations, exchange of ideas, and active partnerships globally
  • Leverage voices to stop health and social injustices at the global level;

Our Mission

The mission of Global Sickle Cell Alliance is to improve the quality of life for all affected by, or at risk for, sickle cell disease and trait and related disorders. 
We address many of the challenges that have a significant effect on health status and well-being of the global sickle cell community, including education, apathy and lack of newborn screening and follow up programs’ lack of support for people living with sickle cell disease, lack of health insurance, poverty, mistrust of health care professionals, attitudes of care providers, access to quality services, environmental factors and individual nutritional behaviors (diet) and physical activity.
In addition, GLoSCA will champion best local, national and global practices in eliminating health disparities as touching upon sickle cell within the local cultural and spiritual context. GLoSCA fosters communication and true collaboration among all stakeholders at the local, national and international level to improve quality of life of individuals with sickle cell disease.


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